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Saturday, October 08, 2005


We can display pictures thru MANGA, but we still want some animations!! So what come to our mind is, let's turn MANGA to a game console, We did a search and finally found a highly portable nintendo emulator open source project : InfoNES, it has been ported to Linux using GTK/QT. We ported InfoNES to use framebuffer device and also our usb2vga raw device. You can also listen the game music and sound effect by inserting the usb2audio to MANGA too. For improvement, we still have no joystick support, we can only play the game in serial console using keyboard now:)

Click on the image below, you can see the MANGA NES in action!

Friday, October 07, 2005

MANGA Picture

After back porting of the usb2vga driver, we only got a simple square drawing demo on screen, it is not eye catching enough :)

So Here we have MANGA Picture, display your favourite photos through MANGA.

MANGA Picture Demo Video (click on the image to play)

In this demo, you can see some details of usb2vga on MANGA, and the function of MANGA Picture:)

Get video out

We hope these photos can explain whats happening on our little MANGA box. At beginning of this year, we found an interesting device on the martket (again, in a computer store next to our office). This device is called "USB 2.0 SVGA adapter" from MCT. The immediate thinking is what can we get if we plug this in our MANGA.

OK, it is a long development story and we want to show some output first. Thanks to the Linux SIS video hacker Dr. Thomas Winischhofer, finally he submitted the Linux driver for this device. This driver should has been committed in the kernel 2.6.13 main tree. It is designed for 2.6 series kernel and therefore we modified it for back porting to our 2.4.24 kernel.

Right now we only support 640x480x16bits display but of course the hardware can support higher quality. It is fun to watch slideshows on our little boy, but what can we do more on this? Anyone see this may give us suggestions. :-)